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What Kind of Chemicals Are Used In Commercial Pressure Washing?

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The effectiveness of a pressure washing service might be influenced by the type of chemicals employed in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia etc. Everything relies on the type of filth that is present.

Different sets of cleaning supplies are needed for various regions. What functions in one location might not function in another.

This is one factor to take into account while picking the best pressure washing business. You can determine if someone knows what they’re doing by looking at the substances that they utilise.

After all, if they employ the incorrect tools for the job, what good is their power washing service?

Commercial pressure washing frequently employs chemicals for the following reasons:

  • Concrete degreasing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Hoods and ducts
  • House and deck washing
  • Masonry restoration
  • Paint and coatings removal
  • Vehicle washing
  • General purpose cleaning

As you can see, there are several worries for each of the listed regions. For removing paint, what works for routine degreasing might not work.

Additionally, masonry restoration has its own quirks.

A brief summary of some of the typical chemicals used in industrial pressure washing is provided below:

  • Oxalic acid is helpful in cleaning procedures similar to those used to remove rust.
  • Concrete driveway or wooden deck washing and stain removal with citric acid.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant and stain remover
  • Sodium hydroxide is effective at dissolving grease and fats and is safe to use on steel and glass.
  • Bleach aggressively disinfects and sanitises. Sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide are combined in this.
  • Ammonia is useful for cleaning glass and stainless steel.
  • The ingredient potassium hydroxide is used to create liquid or soft soap.


Keep in mind that this is a limited list. Every pressure washing business employs a unique set of products. Most of the essential elements are largely unchanged.

They might, however, be utilising various brands.


These solutions may also be combined differently. Depending on the situation, several levels of strength may be implied. Many pressure washing businesses also prepare their own cleaning agents. Alternatives to some of the substances may be used by some.


But here, ensuring the security of everything they utilise is crucial. You may learn more about how these chemicals affect the environment. Remember that this is a short list. Each pressure washing company uses a particular set of supplies. The majority of the crucial components remain basically unaltered. But it’s possible that they’re using different brands.

Different combinations of these solutions are also possible. There may be different levels of strength conveyed, depending on the circumstance. Many companies that offer pressure washing also make their own cleaning products. Some people might utilise substitutes for some of the chemicals.

However, it is essential to protect everything they use in this situation. The effects of these chemicals on the environment may become clearer to you.


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